Stihl MS250 vs. MS251 Chainsaw (Similarities and Dissimilarities)

When it comes to exceptional chainsaw models, most people go for those under the Stihl brand. This USA-based brand has a wide range of tools in its collection, some of them being chainsaws. The MS250 and MS251 are great chainsaws that will tick the boxes for many handypersons.

Although these chainsaws are topnotch and have a few similarities, they also have fine differences that can help you decide which one is ideal. If you’re stuck between these two chainsaws, these differences will help you decide.

One noticeable difference between both chainsaws is that of weight. The MS250 is seven pounds lighter than the MS251, but it has a higher fuel holding capacity of 15.9 ounces. The MS251, on the other hand, has a fuel holding capacity of 13.2 ounces.

Stihl MS250 vs MS251
Engine PowerThe MS250 features 45.4 cc and impressive engine power.The MS251 has similar engine power and 45.6 cc.
Fuel holding capacityThis chainsaw has a high fuel capacity that allows you to refuel less often.The MS251 has less fuel capacity but is still decent for anyone getting work done.
Powerhead WeightThe chainsaws are similar in weight, as the MS250 is set at 10.1 pounds.The MS251 features a powerhead weight of 10.8 pounds.
Eco-friendlyThe MS250 does not have any features for reducing its emissions.The MS251 features an eco-friendly feature for getting the job done without adversely contributing to the environment.
Seasonal UseThe MS250 has unique features that allow you to work even in the coldest and warmest weather.The MS251 does not have this feature.
Guide bar length18 inches.18 inches.
PricingThis chainsaw model is cheaper.The Stihl MS251 is costlier but offers good value for its money.

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Differences Between the Stihl MS250 and MS251

Engine Power

Engine power is usually the first feature checked when choosing a chainsaw, but the difference between the MS250 and MS251 is only 0.2cc. The engine power across the board for these chainsaws is 2.2Kw.

You can expect a lot of power from these two chainsaws. They are efficient and can cut conveniently through stubborn wood. Since they have similar designs, it is also easier to use these two chainsaws.

Fuel Capacity

Another essential factor to consider when choosing a chainsaw is the fuel capacity. The higher your fuel capacity is, the less often you have to fill up the tank. If you want to avoid refueling often, it’s better to stick to the MS250 chainsaw. It can hold up to 15.9 ounces of fuel at a time.

On the other hand, the MS251 features only 13.2 ounces of fuel, although only 2.7 ounces lower than the MS250. If you want some more convenience, you should go for the bigger tank, although 13.2 ounces is also pretty decent.

Powerhead Weight

There isn’t much difference between the weights of the Stihl MS chainsaws, but it’s also important to know what you can handle. If the powerhead weight is too much, it would be harder for you to use the chainsaw. On the other hand, lighter chainsaws are much easier to handle.

With the MS250, you get 10.1 pounds, which is much lighter than the MS251,which weighs 10.8 pounds. The MS250 is 0.7 pounds lighter, making it easier for you to carry it for a long time while working. If you don’t have a lot of upper body strength, it would be harder to move the MS251.


Since chainsaws use fuel, it’s not surprising that they also give out harmful emissions to the environment. If you’re trying to protect the environment, you should go for the MS251 chainsaw. It comes with a unique feature that you don’t get with the MS250.

This is the reduced-emission engine technology introduced by Stihl, which allows you to complete the job without affecting the environment. You can cut through your logs and trees and still protect the environment using the MS251.

Seasonal Use

It’s usually harder to cut through trees and logs when the weather is cold, so you might need a stronger chainsaw. If you plan on using your chainsaw regularly, especially when the weather is cold, you can go for the MS250. It comes with a winter and summer shutter.

The shutter allows the carburetor to run at the correct temperature for the entirety of the year. It also prevents the carburetor from freezing up when temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you can operate the MS250 at any time. But, this isn’t the same case with the MS251.


Finally, you might be considering pricing, especially when working with a budget. The MS250 is more affordable than the MS251 and offers excellent winter and summer shutter features. Although the MS251 is more expensive, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint and is very powerful.

Keep in mind that it’s more expensive when it’s new when purchasing a chainsaw. If you’re looking to cut down costs, you can decide to buy a refurbished or used chainsaw instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drive an 18-inch bar with the MS250 and MS251?

Yes. Both are equipped with large cc engines and can drive an 18-inch bar. Smaller models can be used for bars between 12 and 16 inches.

Is an MS250 worth buying?

Definitely! It is a lightweight chainsaw and is guaranteed to reduce arm fatigue which means you can use it for long hours without getting tired. It has a tremendous fuel holding capacity, but it also comes with other exciting features that are determined to make your work extra convenient.

What size chain do the chainsaws use?

You can fit either model with a 0.050-inch or 0.063-inch gauge chain.

Which is a better option, the MS250 or the MS251?

Both chainsaws are guaranteed to give an incredible performance. They both come with individual unique features as well as differences. Before purchasing any of these chainsaws, ensure to study the differences written above. This will be able to tell you which is the best option for your purpose. 


The Stihl MS250 and MS251 chainsaws are powerful, capable, and efficient for anyone who needs a reliable chainsaw. They are different in some ways, and it’s up to you to check which one meets your needs better.

If you’re looking to save money, the MS250 is a better choice, mainly since it can be used all year round and higher fuel capacity. But, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying high quality and performance, the MS251 is ideal for you.

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