SuperCore vs Coretec Flooring

You finally gave in to your desires and bought your dream house. But hey? Which flooring should you use? The market is filled with a handful of floorings and suddenly you stumble between the SuperCore vs. Coretec. 

Which one is better for your house? For us, SuperCore floors are a better option as it has a wider range of setups, colors, and pitches at a lower price tag. 

Turns out, you can expect both the flooring brands to last for years to come. However, for someone who wants a cheaper alternative with a better choice, get a Supecore flooring. 

Here we will discuss how SuperCore flooring surpasses the Coretec flooring. We have also included a head-to-head comparison chart so that you know everything without reading everything.

SuperCore vs Coretec

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SuperCore Vs. Coretec: Comparison chart

Features SuperCoreCoretec
Thickness3mm to 8mm8mm maximum
Shade Up to 11 shadesUpto 5 shades
Width4-1/2″ to 12″7-1/8 inches wide maximum
PriceLower Higher
Water proofingYesYes
Design layers5 layers4 layers
Vinyl typeRecycled vinyl and pure virginVirgin vinyl or composite 
Underlayment applicationNeeds an extra underlaymentHas

SuperCore flooring: What makes it special?

When you want a flooring brand with loads of options, SuperCore is pretty hard to miss out on. For starters, you can customize everything starting from the thickness, all the way to the shades. Here are some features of the SuperCore Flooring: 

Wide range of options

If you are picky about designing your house, SuperCore has up to 11 options to choose from. The shades start from Beige/tan and hit all the natural RGB colors. You will have no trouble matching your hours to the shade of the flooring. Women with a finer color taste will love having SuperCore as their flooring. 

Highly wear-resistant

Pets, kids, adult babies, you name it. The SuperCore floors can take them all for years to come. A highly resistant multi-layer construction doesn’t let the damage get the best of it. You can expect the flooring to last for up to 10 years, depending on the usage. 

Water-resistant and mold proof

Having a full vinyl composition, the SuperCore floorings can resist water from getting into its pores. Molds or mildew can’t form in the nooks and crannies. Now, you don’t have to worry about those nasty allergies coming back every once in a while. 

Cheap but reliable 

In today’s time, getting reliable products is hard to get at a low budget. However, the SuperCore flooring is the exact opposite. With its reliable vinyl build, you can expect the flooring to surpass even top brands. The best part is, you can save about a quarter of the price just by purchasing SuperCore floors.


  • Waterproof and highly resistant to damage
  • Mold and mildew proof
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Pet and child friendly
  • Multiple options to choose from


  • Can be slippery when wet

Coretec Flooring: What makes it special?

If you want a flooring that can take all the beating from pets, kids, or regular foot traffic, Coretec is the way to go. With a four layer design, the flooring is reliable, waterproof, and highly durable for all households. Here are some features of Coretec Flooring worth mentioning: 

Beautiful design

Coretec has a lot of options to choose from. A few tweaks will help them adapt perfectly to your home contour. Having grain patterns, the flooring has enhanced edges for a more realistic appearance. Whether the design is regular, advanced, stone, or wood design, you won’t be disappointed with its near-perfect appearance.

Floor visualizer

A cool thing about Coretec is that you can use its software to see exactly how your home will look with the various Coretec designs. Simply take a photo, upload and wait for the web application to do its magic.

Pet and kid-proof

Pets and kids can turn a normal playing session into a complete rampage on the floorings. Fortunately, Coretec is completely damage resistant just for homes like this. Now, let your kid or pet enjoy as much as they want on the floors. 

Installation and maintenance

Installing and maintaining the Coretec flooring isn’t too hard. All you need is steady hands and some DIY tools. The installation will take about 30 mins max. For the maintenance, a regular house mop will do just fine. You can also speed things up with a 


  • Looks fantastic in any situation
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Doesn’t scratch easily 
  • Long-Lasting and highly durable 
  • Natural looking design 


  • A bit more expensive than other brands

SuperCore Vs. Coretec: Head to head

Now it’s time to see who really wins the battle. Both the flooring brands are top-notch, you can expect them to work their part pretty well. However, The SuperCore surpasses Coretec in minor details like design option, costing, and also longevity. Let’s see more below:

Budget-friendly option (SuperCore Wins)

The Coretec is pricier than the SuperCore flooring. Surprisingly, you need to pay at least ⅔ more for the Coretec. However, there is a catch. SuperCore needs external underlayment protection. Whereas, you don’t need it for Coretec flooring. So the price is about 50% higher for Coretec.

Variations to choose from (Spercore wins)

Having a tough time making your home look as pretty as possible? Well, now you don’t have to. There are tons of options for the SuperCore flooring. It is not like Coretec doesn’t have options. However, SuperCore has more than your fingers on your hands. 

Underlayment adjustment (Coretec wins)

In the case of Coretec, you will find an extra layer of underlayment, which insulates your home from sound. SuperCore falls a bit short on this one. You will need to pay more for underlayment if you get the SuperCore flooring. Then again, an underlayment costs less than a carpet these days.

Pet proofing (Its a draw)

Scratches, teeth marks, you name it. Pet animals are like small devils who can sometimes hold the whole house on their heads. This is why you need to make sure the floorings are pet-proof. Fortunately, both the SuperCore and Coretec are pet-proof. So, you will not have to worry about any permanent damage.

Mold and mildew protection (Coretec wins)

Due to an inbuilt underlayment layer, the Coretec wins in this part. The underlayment helps restrict moisture from seeping into the floors. So, no molds and mildew can form underneath the Coretec flooring. 

SuperCore is waterproof but doesn’t guarantee a complete mold-free home. You need to add an extra underlayment layer for the SuperCore. 

Shades of color (SuperCore wins)

The SuperCore floors have more than 11 shades of color to choose from. Anyone with a fine eye for colors will love having it. Coretec floors also have quite a few color options, but with more designs and shade variations, SuperCore wins on this one. 


Is Coretec an LVP?

Coretec floorings are LVP, meaning Luxury Vinyl Plank. It has a virgin vinyl construction, elevating its standard. Though the flooring falls in the mid-level section, the build is top-notch. The best part is, you will get an added underlayment portion for better insulation. 

Other than this, flooring has a total of four layers, in which a Luxury Vinyl top layer is one of them. All the layers combine together, making the plank flooring highly durable and damage-resistant. 

Is Coretec really waterproof?

Coretec floorings have four layers that resist all forms of water. The best part is, all the layers are waterproof. So, yeah, Coretec is completely waterproof. Additionally, you will get an added underlayment layer for 100% water restriction. Now, water can’t drip towards the underlayer of the flooring. This feature also restricts molds and mildew from forming underneath the flooring. 

What is the thickest Coretec flooring?

The maximum layer thickness of Coretec flooring is 8mm. Here, the Coretec core layer is the thickest of them all. The outer 0.5mm wear layer acts as protection from pets, kids. There is also a durable and chip-resistant luxury vinyl layer that gives Coretec its signature look. Finally, there is an underlayment layer for sound insulation, mold, and mildew insulation, and resolves subfloor imperfection. It’s about 1.5 mm thick.

Is Coretec Flooring good?

Coretec flooring is one of the best luxury flooring brands in the market. Here you will get a quad-layer design, which includes a wear layer, a Virgin vinyl layer, a Core layer, and cork underlayment. If you have pets, kids, or just have too much foot traffic, the Coretec flooring won’t be half bad. It will last a long time, and won’t break or chip due to overstress.

What is SuperCore flooring made of?

The SuperCore flooring is made up of 5 different layers. Depending on the type of flooring you get, the layers will vary. WPC click has a WPC substrate layer underneath. Of the other layer protection, there is a UV coating and a transparent layer below it. In the middle of the design, you will get a decorative layer and a base layer. 

End note

So, did you find your top flooring option between the SuperCore Vs. Coretec? Well, The SuperCore wins the battle by just an inch. If you want a cheaper alternative, try out SuperCore. These floorings are waterproof, kid-proof, and even pet-proof. 

Coretec on the other hand falls somewhat in the mid-level budget. It has an extra underlayment layer, which the SuperCore floorings lack. You need to get an extra underlayment for the SuperCore. 

Anyways, both the flooring will last for years to come. You will not be disappointed with any of them.

This is all for today. Have a good day.

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