Three Rule Of Thumb For Rug Under Dining Table

Your dining room is undoubtedly the most noticeable part of your household. From family gatherings to friend’s parties, you spend some essential occasions in your dining room.

A good rug can stand as an excellent choice to keep your dining room stylish and comfortable. But do you know how to choose a perfect rug for your dining room?

There is some Rule of thumb for the rug under the dining table. These will help you to understand what to choose and what to avoid on a carpet. 

The right type of rug will bring noticeable changes to your dining room.

Rule Of Thumb For Rug Under Dining Table

Why Do You Need To Use a Rug Under Dining Table?

A nice rug can bring an attractive look to your dining room. Even professional interior designers consider rugs to be a large piece of home decoration. 

There is no such reason you can ignore the importance of a rug in your dining room decoration. You can add some new texture or color to your dining room with a rug.

Suppose your floor is not matching with the dining room design. Then, you can use a rug to cover the bottom and add a new attractive appearance. 

The rug will not only decorate your dining room but will also protect the dining floor. You’ll get to keep the flooring safe from scratches, spots, and potential damages. Especially, sensitive types of surface as vinyl floorings can get saved from potential damages.

Besides, in the winter season, you’ll find some extreme comfort. The warmth of the flooring will develop coziness in your room. You can keep your feet comfortably on the floor. This will not make the feet frozen and cold.

Regarding the facts, you can say the right rug will be your ultimate home decor component that will complete your dining room look, give your floor protection and enough comfortable feeling. 

However, to keep up the nice appearance, you have to take care of the rug regularly.

Three Rule Of Thumb For Rug Under Dining Table

Well, if you’re going to get a good rug thumb for your dining room, you must know what is a rule of thumb here.

Not all types of rugs are suitable for your dining room. You have to know what the materials, style, and size are. 

Give a check here before you select any rug under your dining table: 

1. Select the perfect design

You must know what is the perfect design and pattern for a good dining room rug. Well, there are thousands of patterns and innovations available in the market.

Well, you can go for a checkered farmhouse design to bring versatility. This type of rug is going to get you significant and breathable patterns.

The experts always suggest choosing a rug for the dining room that contains a large geometric pattern that matches your room colors. 

2. Select the right size

The most vital thing for your dining room rug would be the size. Many people make a common mistake by choosing a smaller size rug. 

While choosing a rug, you must follow “the bigger, the better rule.” Whenever you are choosing the big size, it will appear more inviting.

The small rug can make the room feel crowded and tiny. You must check that your dining table rug is 24 to 30 inches on each edge of the dining table. 

It would be the best thing to do if you also considered that the rug is not that big and too close to the edges. Besides, you need to check that you can place the chair comfortably while sitting. 

For the small size dining table, you can choose a 5’x 8’ rectangular rug. This size rug can hold a small dining table with four regular size chairs.

If your dining table is medium size and holds six chairs, you should choose a 7’ – 9’ round shaped rug. If your table is bigger in size and holds around eight chairs, you should go for an 8’x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rug. 

3. Select the right material

The rug is known for providing comfort. If you don’t select the right material, it will not get you enough comfort level.

Polypropylene or natural fibers such as jute or sisal are perfect for providing comfort in your dining room.

Also, the cotton wool fabric makes cleaning the rug much easier. On the other hand, synthetic blend fabric is hard to clean. 

If you choose any rough type of fabric/ material on your rug, this will make it difficult and harsh to move chairs. Make sure your dining room rug is not that thick or nubby to avoid these hazards.  

So, it’s an obvious part to check the rug fabric texture and material before purchasing. However, if you do a bit of research, it’s possible to get the pretty durable type of fabric on such a low budget. 


  • You must match your rug space with table and room shape. It’s not apparent to choose round shaped rugs for round tables. You can use a square rug under a round table. This combination seems much better to see. 
  • You should be conscious while choosing the color of your dining room rug. The best thing you can do here is to avoid any pale type of color or white color. This will get dirty in no time and make your dining room appearance worse than before. 
  • You need to match your dining room rug with your table/ chair color. Any wrong color combination can kill the attractiveness of the room. 
  • You better use some rug pad under your dining room. This will keep the rug clean and attractive for a long time. 
  • If you’ve got any cut carpet remnant to make, the dining room appears much more attractive.
  • Make sure your dining room rug is too big to get closer to your dining room wall. 

Frequently Asked Question

What comes first in rug measurements?

Whenever you choose a rug, the first and most vital thing to consider is size. The too big size can hamper your dining room look. As the same, a smaller rug is not going to serve the expected appearance.

Are rugs so expensive?

The rug materials are pretty durable and harder to make. If you want some high-quality rug to decorate your room, the price range will seem quite expensive.


A perfect rule of thumb can make your dining room look more attractive and more admirable. But you should maintain some core rules while choosing the right type of rug. This article has mentioned the rule of thumb for the rug under the dining table. If you follow these rules and tips, you’ll be able to choose the perfect rug for your budget.

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