What Is The Optimum Temperature Range For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

When building or doing a revamp of your house, one of the most common flooring options is the use of vinyl plank flooring. The reason why many homeowners use it is not far-fetched. From its durability to easy maintenance and stunning aesthetics, it’s not hard to see why many homeowners opt for this choice.

However, most might not know that vinyl plank flooring can be very prone to extreme temperatures. When exposed to hot temperatures, the vinyl plank flooring could undergo discoloration or even start melting. Also, it becomes brittle in cold temperatures and could easily start splitting. 

Hence, to prevent these from happening, you need to know the optimum temperature at which you must keep your vinyl plank flooring. This article will explain the above and review some vinyl plank flooring brands you can use. Also, we have some tips to help you protect your vinyl plank flooring. Stay glued to your screen to get the best out of this piece.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Temperature Range

What Range of Temperature is Best for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Most manufacturers always advise buyers to keep the temperature of the house between 65°F (18°C) and 85°F (30°C). This is regarded as the optimum temperature for vinyl plank flooring. However, some manufacturers claim their vinyl plank flooring can withstand temperatures up to 100°F. This is common where epoxy glue isn’t used as the adhesive in installing the vinyl plank flooring.

Most manufacturers specify that temperatures between -30°F (-34°C) and 155°F (68°C) are bad for vinyl plank flooring. However, it is possible you do not have temperature control in your home. How do you keep your vinyl plank flooring looking just as new? We have some tips for you in the next section.

How To Protect Your Vinyl Plank Flooring From Extreme Temperatures

1. Use High-Quality Adhesives

Protecting your vinyl plank flooring as a homeowner starts right from its installation. Using the wrong equipment can significantly shorten the lifespan of the flooring. One way to ensure proper installation is to inquire about the quality of adhesive used. 

If the adhesive used is of low quality, it could fail on exposure to even sub-extreme temperatures, leading to easy peeling or buckling of the vinyl plank flooring.

2. Insulate Your Windows

The environmental temperature is one major culprit for extreme temperatures reaching your vinyl plank flooring. To prevent this, you should protect all your ventilation outlets, such as windows. You can minimize the amount of environmental heat entering the house by using UV strips, thermal curtains, or black tint.

3. Install a Thermal Underlay

This is another step you could consider before installing your vinyl plank flooring. The thermal underlay will help trap heat and is particularly useful during cold temperatures. This way, the vinyl plank flooring will regulate the temperature around it. However, this will increase the installation price for your vinyl plank flooring. Also, it might not be suitable for all types of subflooring.

4. Control the Humidity

Another environmental factor that can augment the effect of temperature on your vinyl plank flooring is humidity. The optimum humidity range is 35 – 55%. You can purchase an inexpensive hygrometer to help measure the humidity in your home. A dehumidifier will also help in reducing the humidity when necessary.

Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands According to Temperature

Are you looking to buy some vinyl plank flooring? Are you still confused over which brand to patronize? This section of the article has got you covered. We’ll be reviewing some of the top brands (in no particular order) you could patronize right here:

1. Shaw Flooring

Originally known as Star Dye, Shaw Flooring is a kingpin in the flooring game. Now owned by Berkshire Hathaway (parent company of mega investor Warren Buffet), Shaw Flooring are renowned for their expertise in making all kinds of flooring. Due to their longevity, the name Shaw Flooring is synonymous with quality.

However, their quality comes at a price. Their products come in grades, with the prices reflecting the various qualities. Their lower-end products are the DuraTru series, while the middle-end is the Floorte Series. The higher-end series are the Floorte Pro and Floorte Elite. Most of their products have high warranties too (mostly 20 years), so you can always be sure to get technical support when anything goes wrong. 

In terms of temperature adaptability, their products just stay in the general range. Shaw Floorings specifies that the maximum operating temperature should not be more than 85°F (29°C). However, their vinyl plank Floorings can survive temperature colder than the average at 55°F (13°C). 

2. COREtec

COREtec is another big player in the vinyl plank flooring game. Acquired as a subsidiary of Shaw Floorings in 2016, this company has kept its customers satisfied for years. The reason for this is not far-fetched. COREtec was the first company to patent a waterproof core. Apart from this, most of their products also come with a cork underlay which testifies to a high degree of thickness.

However, their product prices reflect the quality. They have four different lines of products: the COREtec Original, the COREtec One, the COREtec Pro, and the COREtec Advanced+. The COREtec Original is no longer available in the US but in other countries. The others are listed in terms of their increasing price ranges. Also, their products come with very good warranties, with COREtec Original and COREtec One having limited lifetime residential warranties. Also, if you want a vinyl plank flooring you could install yourself, COREtec might be just the brand for you.

The temperature range for COREtec floors is totally out of the norm. Their lower limit sticks within the general limit at -20°F(-29°C). However, they claim their vinyl plank floors can withstand extremes up to 150°F (66°C).

3. Karndean

This is the only brand on this list specializing in vinyl plank flooring manufacturing. They have just one trade, and they’re definitely a jack at it. Their expertise is reflected in the quality of their products as many professional installers are quite fond of their products. Their flooring products look quite exquisite, drawing the inspiration for their designs from stone and wood. They are renowned for the LooseLay method of installation, which makes it quite easy for DIY customers to use. They also have the adhesive and click-on type of vinyl flooring for those who would prefer a more permanent installation method.

They have four different series of products, each catering to different financial budgets. The Knight Tile Series is affordable, the Korlok is the middle-class series, and the Art Select and DaVinci Series are high-end products. Their warranties are also top-notch, with every single product having a limited lifetime residential warranty. However, if their use is in commercial capacities, their warranty ranges from 15 – 30 years.

While Karndean doesn’t really specify on the lower allowable limits for their floors, they do state that the temperature shouldn’t exceed 81°F (27°C).

If you want to get the best vinyl plank flooring products that can withstand occasional deviations in temperature, then these brands are your best bet.

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