Waterfall Vs. Tucked Carpet: Which Carpeting Style Choose for Your Stairs?

Carpeting your stairs is the ultimate way to prevent accidents, muffling sounds, and securing the hardwood stairs. For installing carpet on the stairs, you have to choose between two styles that are waterfall and tucked carpet. 

So who will win between waterfall vs. tucked carpet? 

Well, the waterfall carpet installation process tumbles down on the edges of each step and creates waterfall effects.

On the other hand, tucked carpets include directly wrapping around the tread’s edge.

Both installation methods will protect your stairs and add a new decoration to your house. For us, the waterfall is the best. Know the reasons below.

Waterfall Vs Tucked Carpet

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Waterfall stair carpet – Why choose it?

Waterfall stair carpet is the best way to give your stairs a traditional look. Here are some best reasons you should choose the waterfall carpet.

Installation process

Waterfall stair carpet has the most common installation process due to ease and speed. Anyone can easily install the waterfall stair carpet without the help of a professional.

Cleaning is easy

The cleaning process of the waterfall carpet takes less time. You can take the carpet off the stairs and wash it in the bath or shower. You can also clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Provides a cleaner look

If you want to upgrade the decor of your house, then go for waterfall carpets. It provides a cleaner look to the stair because of the waterfall effects.

Installation cost

Waterfall carpets take less than $750 to $2000 to install. That’s why most people choose the waterfall method over the tucked carpet method. Cheap, right?

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Carpet Installation


  • Doesn’t require folding 
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly installation method
  • Need only one strip of carpet to install


  • Not exactly pet friendly 

Tucked Carpet- Why choose it?

If you want to give your stairs a Hollywood look, tucked carpet is the best option. Tucked carpet gives your stairs a hefty visual. Let’s see some more reasons you should get your stairs a Hollywood vibe.

Securely stapled

The Hollywood carpet or tucked carpet is securely stapled underneath. So, there are no chances of slipping the carpet or moving it away.

Gives a tailored look

Tucked style gives your stairs a tailored look and blends with the modern decoration. It gives your home a transnational look which other methods can not do.

Doesn’t slip off

The Hollywood stairs are directly tucked under the nose. Even if you try, you can not move the carpet from the place of its staples.

Needs professional to install

The tucked carpet installation process is more complex than a waterfall. That’s why you need a professional or experienced person to install the carpets. Additionally, a professional will make a clean look for tucked carpet.

Pros Cons of Tucked Carpet Installation


  • Goes with modern decoration
  • Does not move from the place
  • Lasts longer than other methods
  • Saves from slipping and falling


  • Does not clean easily

What is the difference between a waterfall and tucked carpet?

The difference between a waterfall and tucked carpet is their installation method, looks, and the budget. Waterfall method does not require any tucking or staple process, but Hollywood-style carpet does. Let’s see the differences head to head: 

Ease of installation

The method of installing Waterfall carpets is much easier than the tucked one. Turns out, you can just roll the carpet from the riser and it will fixate to the contours on stairs. Whereas, tucked carpets need special staplers for the installation. It’s kinda tricky and needs special training. 

User oriented design

When you look at the design of waterfall carpets, a traditional vibe from the 80’s pops out. On the other hand, tucked carpets give out a more hollywood style view. If you want a simple and traditional design, go for the waterfall one. 

Cleaning methods

Both of them have similar cleaning methods. However, the waterfall needs more care to clean. You can clean a tucked carpet using a regular vacuum cleaner. 


The pricing is another driving factor for the two carpet brands. Where the waterfall being the pricier version. Old school will always cost more than its modern cousins. You can save up to a hundred dollars just by using tucked carpets for your stairs. 

Installation cost

Installing the tucked carpets will cost more. Sometimes you will need a professional to get the job done. For the waterfall carpets, you hardly need anything fancy. 


What is a waterfall carpet?

Waterfall carpet goes directly over the staircase and tumbles down the riser with no interruption. The name “waterfall” came from the effect that the waterfall carpet gives. It is the traditional way to install carpets on stairs without molding them to the riser. If you have bulkier carpets, use this method for zero foldings or tuckings.

Which carpet is best for stairs?

If you need carpets for stairs, synthetic nylon carpets are the best for strength and safety. Synthetic nylons are also stain-resistance and easily washable. Wool carpets can be an excellent option for repelling stains. The low pile carpets (¾ inch or less) are resilient to traffic and more stable underfoot.

Should stairs have carpet or wood?

It is not necessary to keep carpets on stairs, but carpets can give extra traction underfoot. Harwoods can easily lead to falling because they are slippery. So choosing carpet over hardwood would be a genius idea. But carpets get dirty quickly because they easily catch specks of dirt. 

How do you install carpet on stairs with Waterfall?

The waterfall carpet brings down each step and creates waterfall effects. Here is how you can easily install waterfall carpets: 

  • First, determine the look you want
  • Attach the carpet to the edge of the tread and try to be as fine as possible. 
  • Put the carpet straight to the riser to the next step.
  • Do not tuck or secure the riser. 

Note: If you don’t secure everything in place, chances are the carpet will slide off. 

Are carpet runners out of style?

Most people use carpet runners, and it is still on the trend for its utmost safety. Broadloom carpets are less trendy than cut and custom carpets.

That’s why now people are not choosing pre-cut carpets. Carpet runners are the best way to ensure your safety while going upstairs or downstairs. If you want a traditional look to your home, carpets are the way to go. 

Does a runner make stairs safer?

A carpet runner is an excellent way to make your stairs safer from falling, slipping, and noises. Carpet runners are also a good alternative for decorative elements for your house. But the most crucial factor is it’s safe and adds traction under your foot right after an easy installation.

To make the stairs safer, use a high friction runner. It reduces the chances of slipping down and bangging your head.


So, have you decided which carpet method you are going to use? Whether you choose a waterfall or tucked carpet, both will give you benefits and upgrade your home decor. 

Both Waterfall and tucked carpet will add a different look to your home. Although they tend to get dirty often, it is still worth installing carpets on your stairs. You may need a little more cleaning and some budget, but your utmost safety will be ensured. 

Then what are you waiting for? Install your favorite carpet today and ensure your safety from falling down the stairs!

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