What Is HDPC Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring?

High-Density Plastic Composite (HDPC) is creating a revolution in the field of waterproof plank flooring. But what is HDPC waterproof plank flooring? You might want to get down to the bottom of it.

HDPC is a rigid core plank. It is 2 times harder than hardwood and is ideal for flooring in domestic, business, or commercial areas. Manufacturers claim that it can be 100% moisture-proof when used for the flooring of the kitchen, bathroom, basements, etc. In the places where the tendency of spilling is the most, HDPC works the best. 

The waterproof planks are manufactured using patent-pending technology. Companies like Wellmade are revolutionizing vinyl flooring through HDPC. For the buildings in the Mediterranean region with monsoon weather, HDPC is the best choice.

What Is HDPC Waterproof Plank Flooring

Composition of HDPC Waterproof Plank

HDPC waterproof planks are made with composite core technology. It has natural hardwood and bamboo composition. The density of this is higher than the regular vinyl planks. It has innovative PowerShield wears layers to make it 100% waterproof. 

The flooring material is basically a composition of Virgin PVC, Calcium carbonate, and Plasticizer additives.

Benefits Of HDPC Waterproof Plank Flooring 

HDPC waterproof plank flooring is an upgraded version of vinyl flooring. It comes with additional benefits besides the ones that come with its vinyl counterparts. 

Here are some of the attractive selling points of HDPC waterproof plank flooring. 

  • It has durable and performance-oriented flooring. For this, HDPC waterproof plank flooring is best for any residence or business area. 
  • It is stable even in most of the highest maintained areas. It is harder than any hardwood, let alone other vinyl planks. 
  • HDPC waterproof plank flooring can be installed over the existing flooring. It has the floating capability.
  • HDPC planks have a one-click installment feature. This makes it easy for you to install these planks through DIY.
  • Rigid core construction of HDPC allows the planks to overcome and even subfloor layering. It creates resistance to bounciness and peeling. This allows the plank to be intact for years.  
  • Rigidness also helps to keep HDPC planks dent-free and scratch-proof.
  • PowerShell layering blocks out the moisture of tropical areas.
  • Being 100% waterproof protects the floor from any kind of water spill from the kitchen or rain droplets.
  • It has an easy stain removal feature. Therefore any household stains can be removed easily. This is also what makes it perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.
  • Slip resistance backer helps to make the floor soundproof. 

These are some of the beneficial features of HDPC waterproof plank flooring. All these features will allow you to choose HDPC flooring over other alternatives for your household or commercial area. 

Designs & Patterns of HDPC Planks

HDPC waterproof plank flooring offers a massive range of designs and patterns. It has the actual composition of wood and bamboo. So, you will get a warm and cozy look. 

It also has the feature of eliminating repeated patterns. If you are looking for a classy aesthetic look, you can go for any darker or lighter shade. 

Different companies manufacturing HDPC waterproof planks are also offering different shades in monochrome. This allows you to install them in nurseries or colorful studios. Also, you can choose from a marble or sand look.

The composite composition allows the manufacturer to play with patterns and colors while still ensuring waterproof technology.

Installing HDPC Waterproof Plank Flooring  

Installing HDPC waterproof plank flooring is not different from any other vinyl flooring. With some easy steps, you can also install HDPC waterproof plank flooring. 

All you will need is some basic installing instruments. Those are – 

  • Pencil and utility knife – These will be used to mark and cut the plank.
  • Scales or speed Squares – These help to take a perfect measurement off the floor.
  • Pull Bar – Necessary for pulling the end rows.
  • Scrap vinyl – This will help to tap length joints and flat end joints.
  • Hammer and Rubber Hammer – Needed to put the planks in place.
  • Saws – This is necessary to do undercutting and intricate cuts. 

With these instruments, you can install HDPC waterproof planks on your floor. Here are four steps that you need to follow: 

Step 1: Cleaning And Layering The Sub-floor

Before installing HDPC waterproof planks, clean the sub-floor and check the layering. Is the sub-floor even? 

If the subfloor is uneven, use a scraper to layer it. Even layering helps to stick the planks properly. This will also resist bouncing and peeling in the future. 

Rigid HDPC planks can be placed over uneven layering. But it helps in the long run, primarily if they are installed in heavy-duty places.

Step 2: Cutting And Joining

Start by cutting the joint in the starter row. Also, cut the overlapping of the first starter piece. Align the end joints with the help of a rubber hammer and scrap vinyl. 

Step 3: Adjusting Corners

With the help of speed squares, pencil, and utility knife, cut and place the corner pieces. Before cutting, do the measurement properly.

Step 4: Finishing

Make random patterns while placing the plank. Angle the planks correctly. Otherwise, the joints will not be set right.

Taking Care Of HDPC Waterproof Plank Flooring 

Maintenance of HDPC waterproof plank flooring does need much hassle. Rather, easy routine care can help keep these intact for a long time. Like:

  • Do regular mopping, sweeping, and dusting. These will help to retain the glassy look.
  • Clean spills immediately with a damp cloth. By doing this, no permanent stain will form.
  • You can also use the recommended cleaner to clean the floor. The user manual will tell you about the permitted cleaners.
  • Use a rug at the entrance. It keeps the floor free from outside dust and debris.
  • Attach felt pads on the chair, tables, and other furniture’s edges to prevent creating the tap mark on the floor.
  • Do not drag the heavy furniture without rubber pads. They can leave scratches. 

These are some of the handy steps you can follow to maintain your HDPC waterproof plank flooring. Practices like these can help ensure a longer life for the flooring.

What Makes HDPC Waterproof Plank Flooring Special?

The primary and most attractive feature of HDPC waterproof plank flooring is that it is 100% waterproof. It also resists moisture damage. 

A home with pets and children can make the most use of Wellmade’s HDPC waterproof plank flooring. If your pet or your child is not potty trained, you can at least relax. Your floor will not get swollen due to the deposits. 

As these can also be used in the kitchen, you can go for a distinct look for your home. Using them in the basement will keep you tension-free of rain damage as well. 

Final Words 

HDPC (High-Density Plastic Composite) is the up-and-coming cutting-edge technology in plank flooring. It uses rigid composite engineering to manufacture the most user-friendly vinyl flooring. This makes it achieve higher quality with longevity.

In HDPC waterproof plank flooring, you will not have to take any secondary steps after installation. The benefits of the HDPC plank start with one-click installment to low maintenance. It also allows you to do easy cleaning and dusting. All these features make HDPC one of the most desired vinyl floorings on the market today!

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