Why My Area Rug Buckled After Cleaning?

Making your area rug look better and elegant is the only reason behind cleaning it up, right? But, seeing your beautiful and expensive rugs buckling or wrinkling in the middle of the room after having them cleaned is really heart-breaking. 

Though the appearance of such buckling and rippling is not a serious problem with the rug until it causes tripping hazards, it looks unsightly to the eye. And, that’s exactly why getting rid of this problem is must-needed as soon as possible. 

Well, put all of your worries at rest and just read on to learn how to avoid and fix this problem without replacing the rug right away.

What Causes Buckling To Your Area Rugs After Cleaning? 4 Most Common Reasons

Area Rug Buckled After Cleaning

If the rugs aren’t woven with the same tension all over, particularly in hand-woven ones, then they are more likely to cause buckling or rippling. Plus, the ends of the rugs might end up curling up and the square shape of the rug might easily distort. 

Listed below are some of the most common reasons why your rugs buckle after cleaning up. Here we go,,,

1. Excessive Moisture

When you use too much water during the cleaning process of the rugs, the water can saturate the entire area rug by penetrating all the way through the rug backing. 

In this case, the backing of the rug tends to separate from the rug fibers, which leads to buckling or wrinkling and the damage will more likely be permanent. The rugs can also stretch out a bit because of the excessive water.

Mind you, when rugs get wet, they are susceptible to several problems like buckling, rippling, or wrinkling due to the excess moisture inside it. It is actually quite a normal occurrence that, when any material goes inside a rug, it will take some room, and eventually, cause the rug to swell. And, this is exactly why the buckling happens. 

However, there’s good news, once your area rugs completely dry out, the fibers of the rugs will shrink again and the wrinkles will vanish.

2. Uneven Drying

Bear in mind that some parts of the rug fibers and the backing might dry out quicker than other parts, which depends on the rug type and its backing. 

And, this incident can cause small bumps or ripples to the rugs over time, because the wet portions remain swollen when the dry portions shrink.

3. Improper Installation

Another great reason why area rug buckles happen is the improper installation process. Unless the installation includes a complete power stretching and the rug is installed in a proper way, then even a little amount of moisture will result in buckling or wrinkling. 

4. High Humidity

High humidity can also be one of the likely causes of rug buckling in the home. Keep in mind that, not only does cleaning with water cause buckles or ripples on the rugs, but a high indoor humidity level can also make the rug damp and cause it to stretch. 

In this case, you can consider running a dehumidifier in your room that has the wrinkled carpet, which will aid in resolving the problem itself.


  • If the rugs are a couple of years old, they will be more prone to looking worse after going through the cleaning process, which is, in fact, a normal case.
  • Plus, improper cleaning may also be another possible reason for buckling and there may be some other issues that exist with the rug.

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How To Avoid Buckling On Your Area Rugs After Cleaning?

Let’s get to know some of the tricks on how you can prevent the rug buckling from occurring down the road:

  • Remember, buckling or wrinkling after cleaning is not permanent most of the time, so you had better avoid walking on the affected areas until your rug is fully dry. 

Depending on the humidity and temperature in your home, the drying process may take up to around 48 hours. 

And, after this time period, the rugs typically return to their original shape, and the buckles or wrinkles disappear as if they were never out there. 

However, if the ripples stick around on the rug for an extended period of time, then it needs to be re-stretched to remove the ripples and buckles.

  • Though wet rugs can stretch and form buckles, they will disappear over time when the moisture starts to evaporate from the fibers. 

So, consider setting up a fan that will blow air on the carpet and help to dry the rugs quicker by circulating the air. Most importantly, you also need to make sure the rug is thoroughly dry.

  • One crucial point is to note that you are better off power stretching the rugs during the installation, however, if no stretching has already been done, you should choose to perform the stretching work after the carpet’s fully dried out. 
  • While you buy area rugs, check out the sides and ends carefully. This may help you reduce the curling or rippling of the edges. 
  • Plus, you can also consider contacting the rug installer or retailer as early as possible if any buckling or rippling happens on your rugs after cleaning. 

Because some installers and retailers come with a specified period of warranty against the buckling from the date of installation, so if any stretching occurs, they will re-stretch the rug so it can fit properly.

Let’s Get Introduced With Some Useful Tools To Fix Rug Buckling:

When it comes to the floors in your home, one element you will need to take very special care of is the area rug, and repairing the rug buckling or wrinkling is something you will want to do to prevent the rug itself from being a safety hazard. 

Here, I’m going to introduce you to the two super useful tools that will get you rid of your problem in no time.

Well, to fix smaller buckles, you’re going to need a tool called a knee kicker which is inexpensive yet very effective and you can easily buy it on Amazon.

But, the knee kicker doesn’t work well when the buckles on your rugs are large. In this case, you need to use professional equipment like a power stretcher to fix the problem. 

Though the equipment is so expensive, it will be really worth it to get rid of the rug buckling forever. It is easy to operate as well. Hence, I would always recommend you rent it without any second thought. 

Final Words

Well, that’s all there’s to it, people. Now that you’ve come to know the reasons why your rug may have buckling on it. And I hope, if you follow the aforementioned tips, you will be able to fix the problem with ease. 

Or, if you’re facing some sorts of troubles while doing it yourself, you can also consider taking help from a professional who can get you rid of this problem straight away. Have a nice day, thanks!!!

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