Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Pros and Cons: Should I Get It?

Wood plank flooring is considered one of the best choices with so many varieties. Here homeowners get a lot of color and design to choose from. Wide plank hardwood is known to be a sign of elegance. However, you can’t use this flooring everywhere for this very purpose.

It has some limitations that you must mention to lengthen its service life. But if you follow the to-do and not-to-do rules, the Maintenance of these floorings is super easy.

Before installing this kind of flooring, you better know everything about them. Wide plank hardwood flooring pros and cons will help you at best to gather some knowledge. Then you can decide if such flooring is well suited for your house or not.

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Pros and Cons

Pros of wide plank hardwood flooring

There are several advantages to using wide plank hardwood flooring. Apart from being too expensive, you might find this flooring worth it if you just check through these features.

Looks Elegant

This flooring carries a natural attraction in your house. Unlike narrow planks, there will be no frequent joints and distractive design over the flooring. So, you will get an interruption-free smoother surface. Such flooring seems to be the perfect fit for house decoration. Especially homeowners who want some vintage look in darker shades can try this out. These days, wide plank hardwood is a recommended flooring for modern houses. Their polished look and natural beauty will certainly make your house look more elegant.

Structure & durability

Wide plank hardwood flooring has a coat of UV wood finishing. This coat will keep the flooring shiny and protective for years. Such flooring has a durable finish and polished appearance. These extra layers will keep up the floor’s durability years after years. Wide plank hardwood is built with 6 to 2 inches wider boards.

Easy installation

Wide plank hardwood flooring is designed to be super quick to install. Even if you’re not any professional, installing this flooring would be instant. Such flooring comes in the way of being ready to be installed. So, with some essential subfloor preparation, you can install the flooring by yourself. You don’t have to use any expensive/hard-to-use tools here. But the installation requires you to be accurate. Wide plank hardwood comes with a random width board. So, you better learn the differences between installing the boards in the right places.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining the wide plank hardwood flooring is no hassle at all. You don’t have to do anything extra to keep up the durability. The basic rules like wiping off the dorts with a cotton cloth/ microfiber brush, whipping off the spills immediately, occasional deep cleaning will be enough.

Cons of wide plank hardwood flooring

Well, there are a lot of cons that might be a drawback for you using wider plank hardwood flooring. Give a quick check and determine if you can deal with them or not:


Because of the structure and extra layer Uv protection, wide plank hardwood flooring will cost a few more bucks than regular wood floorings. You might have to spend more of $1 / $2 per square foot compared to other narrow planks.

Not customizable

Wide plank floorings are not free as a canvas. Well, you can determine the structures but can’t really experiment over these. If you want different designs, you have to Porsche it in that design. Such floorings come in a ready-to-use structure.

Can’t bear moisture

Wide plank hardwood is not suitable to be installed in such an area where there will be moisture. Moisture can kill the shine and fade it with time. The excess moisture will also expand the size of the planks. As a result, the enter plank installation will get ruined. You will notice the flooring getting spoiled/ cracked in a few days. Even if you’re cleaning the flooring, avoid using an excess amount of moisture.


Wide plank hardwoods are mostly especially manufactured. So, you might order it to get it. This holds a scarcity of production in the regular hardwood market.

Not easy to repair

Even if maintaining the wide plank hardwood is easy, repairing is not easy. Such flooring planks are bigger and wider. So, if any plank gets damaged, you have to replace that. Keeping up with damaged and shrunk planks can also ruin the other planks.

Not suitable for smaller places

Wide plank hardwood flooring will make your small space look crowded. It is better suited for bigger places. Such flooring doesn’t have random sections. So, it will fail to give you that elegant, polished, contemporary look in your tiny house.

Not weather resistant

Wide plank hardwood flooring can’t be well-suited for frequently changing weather. Anything less or more than 28 to 48 percent humidity will hamper the flooring. The damp weather can wrap the hardwood planks.

Professional help

Guide plank flooring generally includes wider boards. A wide-plank might confuse you if you are used to regular hardwoods. If you want to grab professional help, it will cost a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the installation cost of wide plank hardwood?

Well, the wide plank hardwood can cost around $12 to $50 per square foot. The price range of the flooring varies depending on the material, brand, quality and professional help.

What is the width of wide plank hardwood?

The standard width of a wide hardwood plank is about 5 inches. The width can be up to 12 inches as well if you manufacture this by special order.

Wrap up 

Wide plank hardwood is one of the most popular types of flooring. These floorings can go longer years after years without any extra care and Maintenance. Wide plank flooring will be the best pick if you want to bring a contemporary vibe to your big space. However, there have some limitations to this flooring. If you can manage that, wide plank hardwood is definitely short-worthy.

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